Coldfire's Reign

Abridged Thoughts

  • As the companions return to Watchgap Fort and are quickly caught up in battle, many thoughts emerge briefly to the surface of Griven’s mind before quickly submerging once again below consciousness.

Finally, we may rest, Brother. The time is soon when Kryllin can help me see you down the proper path. Before that, though, some questions need be answered. Now where could…

Shouting! Demon?! In the keep? We’ve but only just arrived! What’s this they say? Malik is a demon? Ahh, the Mask! What has he gone and done now.

Malik is dead? Truly? The man was wretched socially, but even so I’d not have wished a fate on him such as he underwent. What could have caused his rush thru the keep? I feel there are many things I haven’t heard. Wait, the goblins have the Mask?!

They come. Let them!

Who is this armor-clad soldier and who does he think he is! He stares at me as the rest of Myre did. I can see the resentment in his eyes and feel the subtle venom in his words. Oh, but you have chosen the wrong day to trifle with me.

Yet, even after the answering words have left my mouth, the conversation over and left on the edge of malice, I wonder… Why am I feeling so angry?

He fights well. I’ll grudgingly give him that. The blessing he bestowed seems to be quite potent as well. It’s almost as if my arm is completely healed. Maybe I was wrong to say what I did. If time permits and fate allows, I’ll need to find him on the field and congratulate him on the victory. My words left my mouth unbidden, drawing from some well of anger I can still feel filling inside of me. I should apologize.

Another one dies! It feels good to lash out against these beasts. Emeric would be proud of my mastery this day. He taught me well. Still, each death feels empty. Regardless, these vermin must be eradicated. They shall not breach these walls while the body of my brother still lay requiring passage and his soul’s journey unresolved.

The gate! What treachery is this? And they come again towards the gates. There must be some way to fight more at once. How would Emeric do it? Think! Gather the energy from without, pull its power within and reach…. There! I can feel it. It’s tentative, but I think I can feel the area in the distance. Focus! Imagine the power flowing from the matrices within, flowing out, channeled in a line towards your target.

The power is grounding out though! I can’t push it along my arm as Emeric does. Wait…it isn’t grounding out, rather seeking to flow along the ground or thru it. There, I can feel a connection to the point in the distance. Now, just push….PUSH!



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