Rassilon is a dying land, slowly smothered by lengthening winters and darkening days.

Where they once co-existed peacefully, the civilized races—insular dwarves, elegant elves, diminutive engro, and ubiquitous humans—now fight for dwindling resources as once-fertile farmlands give way to permanent frost.

Empires have crumbled. Governments have faltered. Even the Gods seem unwilling or unable to intervene as a world and its people slowly disappear.

Yet still, babies are born. People love, and kill, and plot, and dream, and pray. Some cower and huddle against the cold, and a few stand up to do right, to defend the innocent, and to face the gathering gloom.

This is a campaign in the acclaimed Hellfrost setting, a rich, detailed, and thoughtful setting created for use with the Savage Worlds rules. The campaign will feature challenging combat, personalized storylines, and engaging role-play in a grim and difficult world. Contact us if you’d like to learn more.

Coldfire's Reign

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