Pek, the Wagoner

Pek the Wagoner hailed from a small settlement along the eastern trade route in Heligioland, not far from Keep. Estranged from his father, who owned a small pig farm, Pek learned the skinning trade and became a wagoner in order to make an independent living, hoping to have his own farmstead someday.

Known to drink too much, fearful and suspicious of outsiders, and protective of what little property or station he had, Pek could be a bit of an annoyance to those who didn’t know him.

Pek was known to be seeing a tavern maid in Keep, and had made a few inquiries, it is said, about a trial marriage.

Pek was burned to death in a barfight with a mage. His bones were collected by his father and returned to his home.

Pek, the Wagoner

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