Myre is a community of Saxa and Anari families living in close harmony. The houses are constructed of wood and stone, with reed-thatched roofs, and were built around
a central open space known locally as the Markgeard(“Marketyard”). Protecting the town on the marsh side is a palisade and ditch. Myre lies on the junction of the roads between Eastwatch and Icewatch Forts, and the road to Cul, and is thus well patrolled by Hearth Knights. Every male between the ages of 15 and 50 is a member of the town militia, however, and the citizens don’t rely on the Knights for military aid, except in dire emergencies. The mayor, Larik Gurbaldsunu, is an elected official but has held the post for over 15 years now. Elections are held every three years, but no one has bothered to oppose him since he took office.

The Wanderer’s Rest: Despite the claims of the inhabitants of Keep that their taverns are the last decent drinking establishments before the Hellfrost, there are several good taverns in the Low Winterlands, the Wanderer’s Rest being one such establishment.

The Rest is the only tavern in Myre and is large enough to house over a hundred patrons at once. The owner, Jed Garley, an Anari, runs his own brewery, and his Myrewater Ale is almost as strong as dwarven spirits.

Two outbuildings house guest rooms, though one is always reserved for Hearth Knights, who frequently stop here on their way to Icewatch Fort.


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