Until the discovery of greenpot clay 120 years ago, Brae was just another small Low Winterland farming village, self-sufficient in its basic needs but with little to export. Greenpotware, as the finished earthenware is known, became an overnight success among the Hearth-land settlements, and Brae’s future as a trading power looked rosy.

Sadly for Brae, it lacked the resources to safeguard its resource. Within a few years, clay diggers began traveling up from the Hearthlands during summer and taking back wagonloads of the stuff for local potters. Brae has weathered the storm well, and still produces more greenpotware than any other community, though the rosy future is not as bright as it might have been.

Brae is typical of the villages in the Low Winterlands, being surrounded by a ditch and palisade to keep out raiders, orcs, and wolves, all of which haunt the region in large numbers. A militia of 45 citizens is bolstered by a permanent force of 10 Hearth Knights, who live in a
fortified house close to the inn.

Brae governs itself as a gerontocracy, meaning the oldest citizens hold power. The position of First Aldorwoman is held by Alfhilf Oddsdohtor, a master potter by trade, and a spry 66 years of age. She governs with the aid of the Aldor Council, the eldest ten men and women
of the community.


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