2011 09 21

Most of the spelunkers escaped the dungeon; Krimwild and Austri’s last attendant fell holding back the undead tide.

The skirmishers stood firm against the frost giant, trying a variety of tactics; eventually the engro caravan appeared and joined the fray; a deadly volley of sling stones dropped the giant, and Koll and Iris beheaded it.

The remaining Hearth Knights and the rest of the courtyard defenders held off the goblin onslaught until the frost giant bellowed and fell, at which point they fled.

But then the dead all around rose (goblin and Hearth Knight alike) and made for the dungeon; the walking dead asked for safe passage from the fort, but Capt. Grelsh decided against it.

Teams were formed: one would defend the tower from the undead without; the other would strike at whatever lay in the dungeon.

Meanwhile, Austri revealed that the red-plated dwarf was his own brother and took charge of the injured prisoner.

2011 09 21

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