Kollsvein the Bear

Tall, large-framed teen with an unusually full beard for his age and a breastplate, large shield, and longsword


Kollsvein the Bear

Attributes (6 points—1 from Hindrances; 2 advances):
Agility d8 (2 points) [+ 2 for acrobatic maneuvers]
Smarts d4
Spirit d6 (1 point)
Strength d8 (2 points)
Vigor d10 (1 point, 2 advances)

Skills (15 points; 2 2-point advances):
Climbing d4 (1 point)
Fighting d12 (7 points)
Healing d4 (1 point)
Notice d4 (1 point)
Riding d8 (3 points)
Shooting d6 (2 points)
Stealth d4 (1 point)
Survival d4 (1 point)
Swimming d4 (1 point)
Tracking d4 (1 point)

Other Traits:
Charisma: 0
Pace: 6"
Parry: 9 (11 when wielding shield)
Toughness: 8 (11 torso/arms with plate; + 2 armor for ranged attacks when wielding shield)
Load Limit: 64
Money: 100gs, – 9ss from gambling, + 80 gs from Ofwuld (of which 20 is for Iron Guild) + 40 ss from minotaur
Awesome Chips: 6

Edges (3 from advances):
Brawny (+ 1 Toughness, load limit Str * 8 instead of * 5)
Iron Guild Mercenary (extra + 1 when Ganging Up; gear; Connections and Orders)

  • Connections (Iron Guild)
    First Strike (free Fighting attack when foe moves adjacent, 1/turn)
    Acrobat (+ 2 Agility for acrobatic maneuvers, and + 1 Parry)
    Frenzy (extra Fighting attack for – 2 to both; two Fighting dice but one Wild Die)

Hindrances (for 1 extra attribute point, 1 extra Edge):
Honor (Major)
Loyal (Minor)
All Thumbs (Minor)

  • Orders (Iron Guild)

Advances (current xp 38):
5xp: Vigor d6 → d8
10xp: Riding and Shooting d6 → d8
15xp: First Strike
20xp: Vigor d8 → d10
25xp: Acrobat
30xp: Frenzy
35xp: Fighting d10 → d12

Gear (108/67/56 lbs, 1000gs + 850gs given from Iron Guild):
Plate corselet (20 lbs, + 3 Armor to torso, 400gs)
Plate bracers (8 lbs, + 3 Armor to arms, 300gs)
Large shield (20 lbs, + 2 Parry, + 2 Armor v. ranged attacks, 200gs)
Long sword* (8 lbs, Str + d8, 300gs)

Longbow (5 lbs, 15/30/60, 2d6, 200gs)
Quiver (2 lbs empty, 6 lbs with contents, 10 gs)
- 20 arrows (4 lbs, 10 gs)

Backpack (2 lbs empty, 41 lbs with contents, 5gs)
- Furs (5 lbs, 50gs)
- Winter clothing (10 lbs, 100gs)
- Goggles (2 lbs, 25gs)
- Medium shield* (12 lbs, + 1 Parry, + 2 Armor v. ranged attacks, 50gs)
- Chain shirt* (10 lbs, + 2 Armor to torso/arms, 200gs)
- [To Be Weighed] Minotaur’s leather armor
- [To Be Weighed] Minotaur’s head

Horse* (abandoned in hail storm, 300gs)

  • = Owed to Iron Guild

Ideas for future advances:
40xp: Improved Frenzy (Veteran, Frenzy): Frenzy without -2 penalty
45xp: Strength d8 → d10
50xp: Oversized Weapon Master (Veteran, Strength d10, Fighting d10): use two-handed melee weapon in one hand [then use halberd, which is a short pike with an axe head]

Block (Seasoned, Fighting d8: + 1 Parry)
Combat Reflexes (Seasoned: + 2 Spirit for Shaken recovery)
Quick Draw (Novice, Agility d8: draw and attack without – 2)
Sweep (Novice, Strength d8, Fighting d8: single Fighting attack at – 2 v. all adjacent targets)
Trademark Weapon (Novice, Fighting d10: + 1 Fighting with that weapon)
Wall of Steel (Veteran, Agility d8, Fighting d8, Notice d8): opponents get no Gang Up bonus [but need Notice d6, d8 first]


Kollsvein (KOHL-svane)‘s nickname is Kollsvein the Bear. He is only 16 years old, but he’s already 6’4" (towering for a human, tall even for a Saxa) and 230 lbs. He will be huge by the time he finishes growing.

Koll grew up in Keep, watching caravans come from the north and listening to the stories that came with them. He also, of course, grew up seeing the Hearth Knights pass through on their way into the Heligiolands. Koll’s been itching to head north himself for as long as he could remember. He chose to join the Iron Guard instead of the Hearth Knights primarily because the former would get him onto the road sooner—new Hearth Knight initiates have to spend time in Hellfrost Keep to train, study, etc., before taking to the road, whereas Grelsh of the Iron Guard offered to kit Koll up with a sword, shield, and chain shirt and add him to a caravan guard immediately. Koll’s family has many large men in it, several of whom are or were Hearth Knights. These relatives think Koll foolish to have joined the Iron Guild instead of becoming a Hearth Knight, but they understand the pull for adventure that prompted his decision.

Kollsvein’s temperament is fairly typical of a Saxa: he honors family and friendship, he’s loyal, he observes hospitality customs even with folks he dislikes, and he has a strong sense of the right and wrong ways to live and to fight.

Kollsvein the Bear

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