Coldfire's Reign

The Siege Unfolds

As Cynric fights the goblin horde, life slows downs and becomes the simple matter of battle

- -

boring anticipation as the horde closes on us with ladders

arrow after arrow shot at the enemy makes little difference; though the blue-skinned mage decimates the snotlings in front of him

finally, the promise of serenity comes as a ladder falls against my wall and battle is joined; too easily they dodge my blows and i curse myself for not being as fast as the simple green-skinned snotlings

the blue skinned mage starts killing MY targets; only his eyes betray rage as he methodically casts death again and again

my flail crushes the chest of the last goblin before me; i open my senses to the larger battle at hand

our wall is held by the blue skinned mage and a contingent of knights to protect him; two buildings give smoke and a few of the snotlings run amongst us

jump from the wall to dispose of the invaders; two snotlings drop to my weapon as more knights work to dispose of the others

unbelievably, the gate opens a second time; now, it is a knight who does so “What are you doing? Close the gate!”…a boy…a fool, as he dies at the first spear posed against him

goblins rush to the opening; i focus my senses on them and wish i could move faster to give praise to the Battle Father

“Thanks to you, Tiw”

my flail finds purchase behind the left ear of a goblin, as one of their spears finds purchase in my right ribcage; i gladly pay my due to You, Lifetaker…and will make them pay in kind

“Tiw thanks you!”

the snotlings fall like flies; the horde parts for a caped being wearing a mask

the wooden mask

Battle Father, you smile upon me; hear my prayers and I shall grant you glorious victory



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