Coldfire's Reign

The Return North

Today when we leave the gates and ride north I shall have to remember to keep my shoulders squared and ride without concern. Much as the knights did on the previous morning, I think it’s important that our companions see that though we leave few in number, our confidence in our ability to complete the task at hand is unfaltering.

After our return to the sanctuary of Malosian, our group quickly began to reassess the choices we’d made over the previous day. Kollsvein is convinced that what we experienced was the will of the gods, the full might of the swarm and the storm unleashed upon us, hoping to turn our sight back to the original agreement we had made with Ulfwald and his caravan. Emeric of course found fault with this reasoning and I too supported him in his argument. All adversity need not be the intervening will of the gods, nor a display of their displeasure with the decisions of mortals in their realm. I cannot fault Kollsvein for his views and I respect his adherence to the doctrines he was taught and the upbringing he had. If he finds conflict in his heart and feels in order to be true to himself that he must attempt to catch up with the knights that left the previous day, then I support his decision. I will not try to sway him from something that he feels so intensely in his heart.

Just as I shall not waver in my choice to return north and try to rescue those taken, or at least determine the forces that we face. Emeric is just as determined in this view. Thuringil seems to be indecisive in his decision to accompany us or not. I can understand the difficulty in the choice. I too feel that I should return to help Ulfwald and the caravan complete the journey to Watchgap Fort, but conversely if I do then no one will help those taken north. It’s an easy decision for me, with Kryllin and her knightly escort already enroute.

In the end Thuringil decided, and I believe rightly so, that his place was at Kryllin’s side. We shall miss the strength they could have provided us on this journey, but I’m certain with Emeric at my side and the skilled guidance of Malosian, that there is nothing we can’t overcome. Thuringil chided both Emeric and myself, reinforcing that this is only a scouting mission and not to engage in combat against and unknown number of forces. We both couldn’t give that assurance as much as I think we both would have liked to. We know not what we might face when we finally reach our destination, and though I would have liked to give Thuringil peace of mind as he travels back east, I know that any promise would be empty should someone be in need of help.

So I will ride with back straight, my gray robes clean and unblemished, the sun beginning it’s long arc across the sky above us as we ride north between the gates of the Fort. Today we do battle with doubt, concern for our companions as they head to attend to their own heart and honor’s needs, and the unknown that awaits us when we finally reach our destination. Resolve trails in our wake.



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